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NFT Genius presents Ballerz, a game-changing, community-driven and NFT-based experience where imagination and sports come together to offer fans and collectors the unique opportunity to connect, play, and celebrate their love of all things basketball!

Dunking Baller

The Vision | Playbook | Past. Present. FutureThe Vision | Playbook | Past. Present. Future

Ballerz Sports Universe Vision
Cyborg Baller

Why Join Ballerz Nation?

Utility across Web2 and Web3, experiences in the real world, gameplay leveraging your BALLER's unique traits, a community for holders and non-holders alike, access to future collections. It’s time to take your place in this basketball-inspired universe, make your play and be a legend.

Ball on Fire

What's Happening in Ballerz Nation?

BALLERZ is an entire sports universe which has just begun expanding. Here are a few of the experiences, collaborations, and partnerships we are already offering. Keep checking here for updates — coz we’re just getting warmed up!